Parameters to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Live Chat Support

chatWhen installing a live chat support feature on your website, you must couple this with a good measurement system for you to know through collected data how effective the tool is in helping you accomplish your goals. You do not just sit back and let it be a hit or miss thing. The point is you added that software for a reason. It could be because you want to increase your sales or you want to improve your company’s customer service. Either way, you will never know if you are attaining your goals unless you measure and you must be proactive about it.

If you happen to be hiring a third party live chat support service, there is a good chance that they will provide you with a report of the results of their conversations as well as a tally of the different parameters that you want to keep track of. On the other hand, if you only bought the software and took charge of handling the chats, then the responsibility of recording the necessary data will be on your shoulders. To begin with, here are some parameters that you may want to prioritize.

Chats Initiated by Customers

Customers initiate chats when they encounter a problem on your site or if they could not find the information that they need. In some instance, it may also be because they want to inquire if you are offering any promotions or discounts. Whatever their reasons may be, taking note of this parameter will provide you with a lot of information that you can use to improve your site. If they keep asking the same question, then perhaps you must have that information readily available on your site to save them the trouble or maybe include that question on your FAQ page. If they are after certain discounts, then it may be time that you schedule a seasonal sale to attract these types of customers. As you can see, a live chat support is actually a win-win solution because not only do you offer great customer service, but you also learn more about your customers that may help your business.

Chats Initiated by Agent

Agents can always initiate a chat, especially if you as the business owner included that in your instructions. You can set different conditions as to when to start a chat, like for example when a customer stays too long in a certain web page. This might mean that they are contemplating on buying or not and a little sign of concern from your agent may just make them give in. This could also mean that they are encountering a problem with that page which may be hindering their fast and smooth process of buying an item from your site. By initiating the chat, you will find the real cause and therefore provide the right solutions, so study the transcripts of these agent-initiated chats too. Another thing that you can learn from this parameter is how willingly customers are to answer the chats initiated by your agents. The percentage of declined chats could show that your agents are prematurely starting chat conversations, which can be seen as an intrusion by your customers.

Chats that Resulted in Sales

What percentage of the chats has resulted to customers actually buying a product? If you have several agents, which one gets more sales? You can use these information in improving the training given to your agents and also in determining which products are hard to sell.

Remember that these parameters are not fixed. You are free to determine which matters and which does not depending on your goals. Hence, it is best to identify your goals at the onset of installing a live chat support. You should also design your measuring parameters at the same time to serve as your guideline in improving your chat support and communication with your customers.